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Oversized Butterfly




Get ready to spread your wings with our Oversized Butterfly Claw Clips! 🦋

Introducing the Oversized Butterfly Claw Clips, a bigger and bolder version of our bestselling Butterflies collection.

They exude a dreamy and fairy-like charm that will capture hearts. Available in four enchanting colors these clips add a touch of magic to any hairstyle

Measuring 6.5cm x 5cm x 5.5cm these clips are crafted from cellulose acetate, a biodegradable material, not only are they stunning but also environmentally friendly.

Sustainable material

Recyclable Packaging and Eco Friendly Product

Customer Reviews

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Oversized Papillon

Trop beau😍 elle tient super bien aussi!



Incroyable :) !!!!

J'ai acheté une pince papillon rose Pixie Woo à la pharmacie l'an passé. Depuis, je la met 5 jours semaine et elle tient encore mes cheveux mieux que les autres types de pinces de d'autres compagnies! Je l'adore!!! Alors, j'ai acheté le papillon bleu et le mauve :) ! Je suis vraiment heureuse de mon achat! Sans aucun doute, les meilleures pinces à cheveux que j'ai jamais vu! WoW!!

Meilleure pince à cheveux!

J'ai la verte et elle est incroyable!!! Je l'adore surtout pour quelqu'un qui a les cheveux épais

Sonya Medeiros
Best quality hair clips!!

I’m obsessed with the oversized butterfly hair clip! It’s very sturdy and holds my hair really well! The quality is amazing!

Your enhanced look with Pixie Woo

Cellulose Acetate Claw Clips

Pixie Woo presents a unique touch of nature's elegance with Cellulose Acetate (CA), a green alternative to conventional plastics. Departing from the environmental toll and fragility associated with traditional plastic hair clips, Pixie Woo exclusively designs all clips with CA. Immerse yourself in a world where durability and flexibility take center stage, redefining your hair accessories with a distinctive Pixie Woo charm.

What to expect from a Pixie Woo clip

All of our Claw Clips are made with Cellulose Acetate (Wood pulp and cotton fibres) making them not only more eco-friendly but more durable and flexible than traditional plastic hair clips. The springs are not stainless steel so if they are in water for a prolonged time period they will rust. Knowing how to care for your new Claw Clip will ensure that you will be able to enjoy it for a long time!

How to care for your clip

Cellulose Acetate is more sensitive to heat than plastics. We recommend that you don't leave your new Claw Clip in the sun or in your car during a hot summer day, try to avoid extreme cold temperatures as well. As any piece of clothing, you can expect the Claw Clip to stretch overtime. This can always be fixed with a hot water bath, send us a message if you need any assistance!

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