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Our 6 months Warranty protects against manufacturing defects of our products and normal wear is to be anticipated. The warranty does not cover any damages made as a result of non-compliance to the claw clip care. Although our products are extremely durable, the Warranty does not cover any physical damage. The warranty does not protect against theft or incidentals. The products should only be used for its intended purpose. Key chains, mystery imperfect items and any item bought for more than 50% off are not covered by the warranty.

Warranty Coverage
Our warranty provides protection against any manufacturing defects that might have escaped our rigorous Quality Assurance Team's scrutiny. Please note that this warranty does not cover incidents of theft or any form of abuse.

One Replacement Per Customer
Each customer is entitled to one replacement under this warranty policy. Any alterations or instances of abuse will void this policy.

Claim Denial
We retain the right to deny claims if we suspect any misuse or abuse of this policy. Our goal is to ensure fairness and integrity in the warranty process.

Initiating a claim

Product was purchased online:

Email us a photo of the product as well as your order number at to initiate your Warranty claim. Please keep the item as it will need to be returned to our warehouse to fulfill the claim. We do not warrant wear and normal wear and tear is anticipated. We will send out a replacement item at no cost once the Warranty claim is approved. If the product is no longer available, we will issue a store credit.

Product was purchased at a physical location:

The product must be returned at the same location where the purchase was made with a proof of purchase.

Care for your claw clip

All of our Claw Clips are made with Cellulose Acetate (Wood pulp and cotton fibres) making them not only more eco-friendly but more durable and flexible than traditional plastic hair clips. The springs are not stainless steel so if they are in water for a prolonged time period they will rust. Knowing how to care for your new Claw Clip will ensure that you will be able to enjoy it for a long time! Cellulose Acetate is more sensitive to heat than plastics. We recommend that you don't leave your new Claw Clip in the sun or in your car during a hot summer day, try to avoid extreme cold temperatures as well. As any piece of clothing, you can expect the Claw Clip to stretch overtime. This can always be fixed with a hot water bath, send us a message if you need any assistance!

Need a spring replacement?

We're pleased to announce that replacement springs for claw clips are now available. Never worry about a broken spring again – simply swap it out with one of our high-quality replacements for a seamless fix. Email us at